Monday, August 6, 2012

What's This Blog All About?

My mission:
To find easy (not time consuming) ways to feed my family healthy, live healthy, save money, decorate my house, teach my kids, and make my life easier with products/things that save time!

Some topics you will see:
Healthy Eating
Sneaking Veggies to Children
Homemade Green Cleaning Supplies
Products I Love
Vegetable Gardening
Flowers Even I Can't Kill
A Little Bit of Home School Ideas
Homemade Saves Money - Just Don't Waste My Time
Homemade Decor

I will research and test ideas and tell you how they work out. For example, I have never had a garden before so I am researching and interviewing experienced gardeners to teach me everything I need to know. Then I am going to do it and tell you how and give you tips.

I would LOVE for you to email me at or leave comments here for things that you would like to see me try. Say, you find a homemade cleaner on Pinterest but don't want to waste you time until you know if it works. I will try it and post how it went. Maybe you found a product that you love and want to tell the world, I will at least tell the few people that read this blog. ;) And  if you have a sneaky way to sneak vegetables to children (or husbands) PLEASE do share! ;)

For this first week I will post once a day so you can decide if this is something you want to follow. After that my goal will be once a week. I know it isn't pretty yet, I will have to work on design. Ok here we go!

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