Friday, August 31, 2012

Extremely Good Smoothie: Chocolate Edition

You may have read my blog about the smoothies that I make for my munchkins almost everyday to sneak in some spinach. If not, click here. This is the indulgent version that I do sometimes. It is certainly more calories than the regular smoothie, but it is not too unhealthy and of course has hidden spinach.

Here is what you do:
Depending on how much you want to make put 2-3 frozen bananas in the blender. (I use 3 because I want a lot of it!) They MUST be frozen or the consistency of your smoothie will be more like chocolate milk. Then add your big handful of spinach and if you like peanut butter, throw in a couple tablespoons of that. Go easy on the peanut butter if you are counting calories though because it is pretty high in calories. It does have protein though, so that is my excuse! Then pour in a little Dark Chocolate Almond Milk (or Chocolate Soy milk if you prefer), blend it up until the bananas and spinach are smooth. Then add more of the milk until you have it at the consistency that you like.

 Now enjoy your treat that is healthy enough to not feel guilty about! ;) My kids think it is a special treat. They were excited to wake up from their nap to these...
 Nate's still sleepy approval.
Adah's up in the camera thumbs up with her nap-time hair :)

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  1. That sounds good and easy! I think I will add soy milk to my grocery list... and then send Jordan to get it!