Thursday, August 9, 2012

Children are a Blessing Wall Art

I am blessed to have 3 beautiful children and I was looking for a neat way to display their pictures. I had seen in a friend of mine's house once a photo board involving scrapbook paper and her baby's picture and that is where I got my inspiration. That and Pinterest, of course. So here is what I did:
 Cut scrapbook paper to fit on a 12 x 12 canvas (I did 4 for my project and waited until Hooby Lobby had a canvas sale).
 Use Mod Podge and a foam brush to attach the paper. Paint the canvas with mod podge, put the paper on, then paint over it. Try to do this without too many bubbles in the paper, but don't worry if there are some because it will most likely dry flat.
 After the initial paper drys a little bit (does not have to dry completely) mod podge on the pictures and whatever other decoration you want. I had my pictures printed in sepia because I thought it looked good with the paper I chose.
 Do you see how bubbled up this is? I was totally FREAKING OUT thinking that I had just wasted time and a canvas and paper, but amazingly it dried flat!
 I then used a stamp of my mom's that makes things look distressed. You could also just smear an ink pad if you want to.

This is how it looked after the stamping. Next I painted the sides of the canvas. I was not super careful at all, not caring if paint got a little on the front of the canvas because I wanted it to look distressed anyway.
 Here is the paint I used
Put the canvas on top of a cup to make it easier to paint and then leave it there to dry.

Love the end result! For the record... I bought extra matching scrapbook paper for any future kids that may come along. ;)

I do a data entry job from home on my computer and I like to listen to sermons and things online while I work. Since we are on the subject of children, click here for a great series from FamilyLife Radio about biblical family planning and how we should view children.

Here is a quote that I LOVE from Dennis Rainy from that series:

"Children are our legacy. They save us from our selfishness, from our
materialism. Children are the spiritual messengers that we send to future
generations with the Gospel. Children should be viewed from God's perspective
not from the world's perspective. The world views them as a burden. The
Scripture speaks of them as being a BLESSING."

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