Monday, August 13, 2012

Sugar Scrub for Keratosis Pilaris (or just for softer skin!)

As promised, here is my first bath and body product post. I have a list of different things to try including bath salts and pore treatments but today I have a simple sugar scrub.

No really, I mean SUPER simple. 
Only two ingredients.

Olive Oil and Sugar. 

I saw came across this on a clip from the TV show The Doctors. I have never actually watched that show, (because who has time for TV during the day?) but I saw this clip on my AOL homepage and it was intriguing so here we are. :) 

There was a girl on the show that was complaining about these little red dry bumps on the back of her arms and on the tops of her thighs. I so have that! So does my sister, my son, and my daughter. Turns out that there is a name for it! 

Keratosis Pilaris. <Yes that is a link to read about it.

Apparently it is pretty common and some people have it way worse than I do! Anyway, "The Doctors" offered a couple of different home remedies. One was dandruff shampoo on the bumps. Tried that, got no where. One was something to do with crushed up aspirin, sounded like a pain and a waste of a lot of aspirin. So I tried the third option! :)

A sugar scrub!

You simply mix the sugar and olive oil until it is at about this consistency and then use it like any other sugar scrub. I keep it in a Tupperware container in my shower to use every time I shower.

I found that it did help quite a bit and definitely made my arms softer, but the bumps are not totally gone. I just read to use witch hazel on it so I am going to start doing that too and see if the 2 together help. I will let you know what I think after trying it for a week or so. Either way it did make my skin softer so even if you don't have KP, it is a nice, simple way to soften your skin! (and I think it smells good too!)


  1. The make a witch hazel's Grandpa's brand or something...also, we use Palmer's Cocoa Butter soap and it calms and soothes acne of all kinds!

  2. AmLactin - the only thing that works on KP! After a few weeks of using AmLactin my bumps were gone!

  3. Buy the scrubbing gloves for the shower. I had these bumps on my forearms and after a few scrubs with my exfoliating gloves they disappeared.